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【Restock/CS】犬式 Inushiki - 動物宣言 Animalize Urself (+DL Code)

【Restock/CS】犬式 Inushiki - 動物宣言 Animalize Urself (+DL Code)

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犬式13年ぶりのニューアルバム!原点回帰の4人サウンド。 NEW ALBUM 犬式 "動物宣言"


-Track List-
1 . 動物宣言 - Animalize Urself
2 . 真正的国家 - Real Nation
3 . Planet Breaking News
4 . キカイノカラダ - Machine Body
5 . 山唄 - Mountain Song

Yohei Miyake: Vocals & Guitar
Seitaro Mine : Guitar & Chorus
Shoji Ishiguro : Bass & Chorus
Kazunari Kakinuma : Drums

Produced by INUSHIKI & INUSHIKI Production Recorded at Soundnuts Studio & Rinky Dink Studio Recorded & Mixed by Masakazu Shinya Mastered by Soichiro Nakamura (PEACE MUSIC) Art Direction & Design by Big! & Kanegooon Photography by Aisuke Ito Translated by Kaz Egashira (OVERSTAND)

ⓅⒸ2022 INUSHIKI Production All rights reserved. Unauthorized copying and reproduction of works are prohibited. Sampling and referencing within the art forms of expression are welcomed. Send us your brilliant works.



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Label: Tastee T Production (TTPT-0111) DLコード付

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