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Record Culture Magazine - Isssue 9

Record Culture Magazine - Isssue 9

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2016年にNYのチャイナタウンで創刊され、世界中のニッチな音楽コミュニティに欠かせない人々の自宅やスタジオに密着して彼らのバックグラウンドから制作環境、さらにはアート、ファッション、カルチャーとの交わりに至るまで、撮影した写真やロングインタビューとともに紹介していく「Record Culture Magazine」を一挙入荷! (英文)


Record Culture Magazine is a biannual publication that shines a light on the people intrinsic to niche
music communities around the world and their intersection with art, fashion, and culture.

200 plus magazine featuring interviews and studio visits with:

– Bradley Zero
– Sébastien Tellier
– Yu Su
– Gerd Janson
– June Jones
– The Twilite Tone
– Eug
– Vanessa Worm
– Ana Roxanne
– Oskar Mann

And the visual feature, “Postcards Through Time and Space”

Issue 9 Supplement booklet – The Second Generation :
Chicago House Flyers 1991-2000 was curated by Honey Dijon from the archives of Mark Farina and Alicia Prior.

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